Album: KILL-aborations (2011)

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Song: who now

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CrimZn , also known from the bands "In The Eyes Of' "XscrapX" "Subsist' "Tears For The King" "Play 4 keeps" "Purveyor" and currently a solo artist dropping solo hiphop trax and collaborating with numerous diverse artists around the globe.

Italian, Irish, and German blood, born on May 21st, 1981 in Scranton, PA. Philaelphia, PA. & Birmingham, AL. are also considered home and has spent time living in South Jersey and many different parts of PA.

To me music is more than just bass, treble, and vocals. It has meaning and it is what I live for and am most passionate about. I first started banging on wooden blocks with drum sticks when I was 13 teaching myself drum roll patterns and rhythm, Not long after that at the age of 15 I started XscrapX I went from coming out of a Coma (from a bad car accident) to the stage. I played my first few shows with an I.V. still in my arm I had to hold the mic with one hand and the I.V. stand with the other... Well that band led to joining as the band Subsist as their second vocalist, which then led to In The Eyes Of, then when I moved to jersey I sang for the band called Tears For The King, Then I reunited with my best friend Derrick and re started In The Eyes Of back up and toured for a few years, then I started Play 4 Keeps which was more so like a rapcore band then after a few more years in Philly I moved back to where I was born and joined Purveyor, although I quit that band because of a conflict of interest in the creative process and direction the band wanted to go. Through it all over all those years and even during all those bands I have always continued to drop Hip-Hop tracks and I will continue to drop tracks till the end of days.